Valle Gran Rey

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Escape to a scenic paradise in the Canary Islands

Valle Gran Rey - Vacation Briefing

Valle Gran Rey is a picturesque coastal town located in the southwestern part of La Gomera, one of Spain's enchanting Canary Islands. Nestled between lush green mountains and the sparkling Atlantic Ocean, this hidden gem offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, tranquility, and warm hospitality. With its charming whitewashed houses, vibrant bougainvillea-lined streets, and lively harbor, Valle Gran Rey is a haven for those seeking a relaxing beach getaway, adventurous hiking trails, and authentic Canarian culture.

Popular Sights in Valle Gran Rey

Things to do during your Valle Gran Rey vacation

Valle Gran Rey is a charming seaside town located on the southwestern coast of La Gomera, Spain. Known for its beautiful beaches, stunning cliffs, and lush greenery, Valle Gran Rey offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and recreational activities. Whether you prefer relaxing on the beach, exploring the local culture, or indulging in outdoor adventures, this destination has something for everyone.

  • Playa del Inglés: A picturesque sandy beach with crystal clear waters, perfect for sunbathing and swimming.
  • Hiking in Garajonay National Park: Embark on a scenic hike through the ancient laurel forests and enjoy breathtaking views of the island.
  • Visit Mirador del Palmarejo: A viewpoint offering panoramic vistas of Valle Gran Rey and its surrounding landscapes.
  • Scuba Diving: Discover the vibrant underwater world of Valle Gran Rey through scuba diving tours and courses.
  • Explore El Conde: Wander through the narrow streets of El Conde, the historic center of Valle Gran Rey, and admire its traditional architecture.
  • Learn to Surf: Enjoy the thrill of riding the waves by taking surf lessons from experienced instructors.
  • Boat Trip to Los Organos: Take a boat excursion to witness the impressive vertical rock formations known as 'Los Organos.'
  • Yoga Retreat: Unwind and rejuvenate with a yoga retreat amidst the tranquility of Valle Gran Rey's natural surroundings.
  • Visit Charco del Conde: Take a dip in the natural rock pools of Charco del Conde and enjoy a refreshing swim in the Atlantic.
  • Try Local Cuisine: Indulge in traditional Canarian dishes such as papas arrugadas, gofio, and fresh seafood at one of the local restaurants.
  • Kayaking in Valle Gran Rey: Explore the coastline and hidden coves of Valle Gran Rey by kayaking along its pristine waters.

Why you should visit Valle Gran Rey


Valle Gran Rey, Spain is a decent destination with a variety of attractions, although it may not be suitable for everyone.


Valle Gran Rey has a moderate safety level. While it generally has a low crime rate, visitors should still exercise caution and be aware of their surroundings.


Valle Gran Rey offers a rich cultural experience with its historical sites, museums, and diverse cuisine. Visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture.


The nightlife in Valle Gran Rey is fairly limited. There are a few bars and restaurants, but it is not a bustling nightlife destination.


While there are some adventure activities available in Valle Gran Rey such as hiking and water sports, it is not a destination known for extreme adventures.


Valle Gran Rey is a very relaxing destination, with beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and a peaceful atmosphere. It's perfect for those seeking a tranquil getaway.

Best time to visit Valle Gran Rey

Valle Gran Rey is best visited from April to June and September to November. These months offer pleasant temperatures and fewer crowds, making it ideal for exploring the beautiful landscapes and enjoying outdoor activities.

Mild temperatures, but crowded
18°C - 23°C
Mild temperatures, but crowded
18°C - 24°C
Pleasant weather and fewer crowds
18°C - 24°C
Ideal weather and fewer crowds
19°C - 25°C
Ideal weather and fewer crowds
20°C - 25°C
Ideal weather and fewer crowds
21°C - 26°C
Warmest month, but more crowded
22°C - 27°C
Warm temperatures, but more crowded
22°C - 27°C
Pleasant weather and fewer crowds
21°C - 26°C
Pleasant weather and fewer crowds
20°C - 26°C
Ideal weather and fewer crowds
19°C - 24°C
Mild temperatures, but crowded
18°C - 23°C

A guide To your first day of Valle Gran Rey vacation


  • Start your day with a refreshing hike in the beautiful Valle Gran Rey nature reserve. Enjoy the stunning views and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Visit the local farmers market to taste the fresh and delicious fruits, vegetables, and other local products.


  • Head to the beach and relax under the warm Spanish sun. Take a dip in the crystal-clear waters or try some water sports like paddleboarding or snorkeling.
  • Explore the charming streets of Valle Gran Rey and discover the local shops, cafes, and art galleries.


  • Experience the vibrant nightlife of Valle Gran Rey. Enjoy live music performances at one of the local bars or restaurants.
  • Indulge in the delicious Spanish cuisine at a traditional tapas restaurant. Don't forget to try the local specialties like paella or sangria.


  • Gaze at the mesmerizing starry sky from one of the viewpoints in Valle Gran Rey. The absence of light pollution makes it the perfect spot for stargazing.
  • Join a guided night walk to explore the nocturnal wildlife and learn about the fascinating ecosystems of Valle Gran Rey.

How to get to Valle Gran Rey

By Plane

Reaching Valle Gran Rey by plane is convenient via the Tenerife South Airport (TFS) or the La Gomera Airport (GMZ). TFS is a major hub with frequent international flights, offering seamless connections to Valle Gran Rey. GMZ is a smaller airport on La Gomera Island and is just a short ferry ride away from Valle Gran Rey.

By other means

Valle Gran Rey can be reached by public transport, primarily via the ferry service from San Sebastian de la Gomera. The ferry ride offers scenic views, and once in Valle Gran Rey, buses provide convenient transportation within the town and nearby areas. Exploring the picturesque landscape is made effortless with these public transport options.

Tips for Booking Your Trip

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Accommodation: Find Your Ideal Spot

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Best for travelers who are ...

Valle Gran Rey is perfect for nature lovers, beachgoers, and those seeking a laid-back island escape. It is also a great choice for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

How long to stay in Valle Gran Rey?

To fully experience Valle Gran Rey's beauty and charm, we recommend staying for at least 5-7 days.

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