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St. Petersburg - Vacation Briefing

St. Petersburg is a city of grandeur, boasting some of the world's most remarkable cultural treasures. With its stunning baroque and neoclassical architecture, art-rich museums, quaint canals and world-class opera and ballet, St. Petersburg is a cultural wonderland waiting to be explored. Founded in 1703 by Peter the Great, the city served as Russia's imperial capital for two centuries. Visitors are treated to a mix of European and Russian influences, with stunning landmarks like the Hermitage, Catherine Palace, Peterhof and the Kazan Cathedral.

Popular Sights in St. Petersburg

Things to do during your St. Petersburg vacation

St. Petersburg, located in the Russian Federation, is a city filled with rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture. From world-renowned museums to charming canals, there is no shortage of things to do in this magnificent city. Whether you're a history buff, art lover, or simply seeking new experiences, St. Petersburg has something for everyone.

  • Hermitage Museum: Discover one of the world's largest and most prestigious art museums, housing a vast collection of masterpieces.
  • Peterhof Palace: Explore the lavish palace and gardens, known as the 'Russian Versailles,' offering stunning views of fountains and gilded statues.
  • Catherine Palace: Marvel at the opulence of this imperial residence, particularly the renowned Amber Room, adorned with amber panels, mirrors, and gold leaf.
  • Church of the Savior on Blood: Admire the intricate mosaics and onion domes of this iconic Russian Orthodox church, built on the site where Emperor Alexander II was assassinated.
  • Peter and Paul Fortress: Visit the historical complex and burial site of Russian Tsars, featuring the stunning Peter and Paul Cathedral with its towering spire.
  • Nevsky Prospekt: Stroll along the vibrant and bustling main avenue of St. Petersburg, lined with elegant buildings, shops, and cafes.
  • Boat Tour of the Canals: Experience the charm of St. Petersburg from its picturesque canals, traversing under romantic bridges and passing by beautiful landmarks.
  • Mariinsky Theatre: Immerse yourself in ballet or opera performances in one of the world's most renowned theaters, known for its stunning architecture and talented performers.
  • Russian Museum: Discover an extensive collection of Russian art, showcasing works from icons to avant-garde pieces, spanning various periods.
  • Fabergé Museum: Admire a breathtaking collection of Fabergé eggs and other exquisite jewelry, including works by the famous Fabergé family.
  • Explore Local Cuisine: Indulge in traditional Russian dishes such as borscht, pelmeni, and blini at local restaurants, experiencing the flavors of Russian gastronomy.

Why you should visit St. Petersburg


St. Petersburg, Russian Federation is a destination with a rich history and cultural heritage. It offers a wide range of attractions and activities for visitors to explore.


While St. Petersburg generally has a moderate level of safety, there are some concerns regarding petty crime and scams. It is important for travelers to be cautious and take necessary precautions.


St. Petersburg is a cultural hub, known for its world-class museums, grand palaces, and impressive architecture. It offers a rich cultural experience with its diverse array of art, music, and theater.


St. Petersburg has a vibrant nightlife scene with numerous bars, clubs, and live music venues. There are plenty of options for entertainment and socializing during the evenings.


While St. Petersburg may not be a prime destination for extreme adventure activities, it still offers opportunities for exploration and discovery. Visitors can enjoy boat tours, visit nearby parks, and explore the city's hidden gems.


While St. Petersburg has some parks and green spaces, it may not be the most relaxing destination for nature lovers. The city is more known for its busy streets and historical attractions.

Best time to visit St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg has a unique charm and can be visited year-round. However, the best time to experience its beautiful architecture and cultural events is during the summer months of June to August.

Good weather but crowded
-6°C - -2°C
Winter beauty and lower prices
-8°C - -4°C
Milder weather and cultural events
-4°C - 2°C
Spring blooms and fewer crowds
1°C - 8°C
Warmer weather and White Nights
6°C - 15°C
Long daylight hours and cultural festivals
11°C - 20°C
Warmest month and vibrant atmosphere
13°C - 22°C
Still warm and fewer tourists
11°C - 20°C
Mild weather and autumn colors
7°C - 14°C
Crisp weather and indoor attractions
2°C - 8°C
Quiet and lower prices
-2°C - 3°C
Winter wonderland and festive atmosphere
-5°C - -1°C
December transforms St. Petersburg into a winter wonderland with beautiful holiday decorations and a festive atmosphere. It's perfect for experiencing the magic of Russian winter traditions.

A guide To your first day of St. Petersburg vacation


  • Start your day with a visit to the Hermitage Museum, one of the largest and most impressive art museums in the world. Take your time exploring its vast collection of artworks.
  • Enjoy a peaceful stroll along Nevsky Prospekt, the city's main street, and observe the beautiful architecture of the surrounding buildings.


  • Visit the Peterhof Palace and Gardens, known for its stunning fountains and grandeur. Take a leisurely walk through the gardens and enjoy the picturesque views.
  • Experience the vibrant atmosphere of the local markets, such as Kuznechny Market or Kuznechny Rynok, where you can find fresh produce, local delicacies, and unique souvenirs.


  • Take a sunset boat tour along the canals of St. Petersburg and admire the city's illuminated landmarks from a different perspective. Don't forget your camera!
  • Indulge in traditional Russian cuisine at a local restaurant. Try dishes like borscht, pelmeni, and blini, accompanied by a glass of Russian vodka.


  • Experience the vibrant nightlife of St. Petersburg by visiting one of the city's trendy bars or clubs. Enjoy live music, dance the night away, and mingle with locals and fellow travelers.
  • Take a late-night walk along the banks of the Neva River and marvel at the beautifully lit bridges, such as the Palace Bridge, which opens at night to let ships pass.

How to get to St. Petersburg

By Plane

Pulkovo Airport (LED) is the main international gateway to St. Petersburg, Russia. With frequent flights from major cities worldwide, it offers convenient connections to the city center via public transport or taxis. Travelers can enjoy efficient immigration and customs processes, as well as a variety of facilities and amenities within the airport.

By other means

St. Petersburg's public transport system is well-developed and reliable, offering multiple options for getting around the city. The Metro is a popular choice, with its extensive network and frequent services. Buses and trams also provide convenient transportation, allowing visitors to easily explore St. Petersburg's landmarks and attractions. Additionally, the city is well-connected to neighboring countries by train, making it a great starting point for further adventures.

Tips for Booking Your Trip

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Flights: How to Score the Best Deal

First things first, check out Google Flights. Their price calendar and nearby airport options are really useful. Found a good deal? Great, but hang on a sec—make sure you compare it with prices on Kayak, Skyscanner, Momondo, and Kiwi. A little research can go a long way.

Accommodation: Find Your Ideal Spot

For places to stay, start by scanning and Airbnb to get an idea of what's out there. Then, level up your search by looking at Hostelworld and Agoda. Oh, and a quick tip: the hotel's own website might have some special offers, so give that a look too.

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Best for travelers who are ...

Culture seekers, art and history enthusiasts, architecture buffs and those interested in Russian and European history

How long to stay in St. Petersburg?

A minimum of 4-5 days is recommended to take in the main attractions and sample the city's rich cultural offerings.

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