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An Amazonian Adventure in Peru

Puerto Maldonado - Vacation Briefing

Located in southeastern Peru, Puerto Maldonado is a gateway to the vast Amazon rainforest. This biodiverse region is renowned for its pristine natural beauty and rich wildlife. Immerse yourself in the captivating sounds and sights of the jungle, where you can embark on thrilling jungle treks, spot vibrant macaws, monkeys, and jaguars, and explore remote indigenous communities. Discover the fascinating flora and fauna of the Amazon on a guided boat tour along the Madre de Dios River and wander through lush rainforest trails. Experience the incredible biodiversity and cultural heritage that Puerto Maldonado has to offer.

Popular Sights in Puerto Maldonado

Things to do during your Puerto Maldonado vacation

Puerto Maldonado is a vibrant city located in the Madre de Dios region of Peru. Surrounded by the Amazon rainforest, this destination offers a unique blend of nature, culture, and adventure. Explore the wonders of the jungle, visit indigenous communities, and immerse yourself in the rich biodiversity that Puerto Maldonado has to offer.

  • Tambopata National Reserve: Embark on a guided tour of the Tambopata National Reserve, home to a diverse array of flora and fauna. Explore the rainforest trails, spot exotic wildlife, and learn about the importance of conservation.
  • Lake Sandoval: Take a canoe ride to Lake Sandoval, a stunning oxbow lake known for its crystal-clear waters and abundant wildlife. Keep an eye out for caimans, giant river otters, and colorful birds.
  • Nighttime Jungle Walk: Experience the enchanting beauty of the Amazon rainforest at night. Join a guided walk and discover nocturnal creatures such as snakes, frogs, and tarantulas under the expert guidance of local guides.
  • Monkey Island: Visit Monkey Island, a sanctuary that houses various monkey species. Observe these playful creatures up close and even interact with them while enjoying the stunning views of the river.
  • Canopy Walkway: Challenge your adventurous spirit by walking on the elevated canopy walkway. Enjoy breathtaking views of the rainforest from above and spot diverse bird species fluttering through the treetops.
  • Visit Indigenous Communities: Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting indigenous communities near Puerto Maldonado. Learn about their traditions, customs, and handicrafts, and interact with friendly locals.
  • Butterfly Farm: Discover the mesmerizing world of butterflies at a butterfly farm. Witness the different stages of their life cycle and marvel at the vibrant colors and patterns of these delicate creatures.
  • Parrot Clay Lick: Witness the spectacle of colorful parrots gathering at a clay lick to feed on the minerals. Observe their fascinating behavior and enjoy the vibrant display of nature's artistry.
  • River Kayaking: Enjoy a thrilling kayak adventure down the Madre de Dios River. Paddle through calm waters, while admiring the lush rainforest scenery and listening to the sounds of nature.
  • Cultural Night Show: Experience the rich cultural heritage of Puerto Maldonado through a traditional night show. Enjoy live music, dances, and performances that showcase the traditions and customs of the region.
  • Local Cuisine Tasting: Savor the flavors of traditional Peruvian cuisine by trying local delights in Puerto Maldonado. From exotic fruits to Amazonian specialties, indulge your taste buds in a gastronomic adventure.

Why you should visit Puerto Maldonado


Puerto Maldonado, Peru is a moderately desirable destination.


The safety rating of Puerto Maldonado is relatively low due to its high crime rate, especially targeting tourists, and occasional political instability.


Puerto Maldonado has a decent cultural scene with opportunities to explore indigenous communities, experience traditional food, and visit museums highlighting the Amazonian heritage.


The nightlife rating of Puerto Maldonado is quite low as the city mostly caters to nature tourism and lacks vibrant entertainment options.


While Puerto Maldonado provides some opportunities for adventure such as canopy walks and wildlife tours, it is not a top destination for extreme sports or adrenaline-pumping activities.


With its proximity to the Amazon rainforest, Puerto Maldonado offers several relaxing activities like jungle treks, boat rides, and wildlife spotting.

Best time to visit Puerto Maldonado

The best times to visit Puerto Maldonado are from May to September. These months offer pleasant temperatures, minimal rainfall, and great opportunities for wildlife spotting.

moderate weather
21°C - 31°C
mild climate
21°C - 31°C
optimal conditions
19°C - 31°C
ideal climate
18°C - 31°C
best time
18°C - 31°C
excellent conditions
17°C - 30°C
prime time
17°C - 31°C
optimal climate
18°C - 32°C
great wildlife
18°C - 32°C
moderate climate
19°C - 32°C
shoulder season
20°C - 33°C
rainy month
21°C - 32°C
December is a rainy month in Puerto Maldonado. It's still possible to explore the rainforest, but be prepared for frequent showers and higher humidity.

A guide To your first day of Puerto Maldonado vacation


  • Explore the breathtaking Amazon rainforest on a guided nature walk.
  • Go on a sunrise boat ride along the Madre de Dios River to spot diverse wildlife.


  • Take a canopy walk to experience the rainforest from a different perspective.
  • Visit a local indigenous community to learn about their culture and traditions.


  • Enjoy a relaxing boat ride to witness a stunning sunset over the river.
  • Take a night jungle tour to spot nocturnal creatures like caimans and night monkeys.


  • Indulge in a delicious traditional Peruvian dinner at a local restaurant.
  • Experience a night-time river cruise to see the glowing eyes of animals in the darkness.

How to get to Puerto Maldonado

By Plane

The most convenient way to reach Puerto Maldonado by plane is through Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM) in Lima, Peru. With numerous international connections, LIM offers a seamless travel experience. From Lima, you can take a domestic flight to Puerto Maldonado Airport (PEM), which is located just a short distance from the city center. It is advisable to book your domestic flight in advance to ensure availability.

By other means

Reaching Puerto Maldonado by public transport is not recommended due to the city's remote location in the Peruvian Amazon. However, once you arrive in Puerto Maldonado, local buses and taxis are available for convenient transportation within the city.

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Nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and eco-conscious travelers

How long to stay in Puerto Maldonado?

To fully appreciate the wonders of Puerto Maldonado, we recommend staying for at least 4-6 days.

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