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Lagos - Vacation Briefing

Located in the southwestern part of Nigeria, Lagos is a bustling and vibrant metropolis known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse population. With its vibrant music scene, thriving art community, and delicious local cuisine, this city offers a truly unique experience. Visitors can explore historical landmarks like the National Museum and Lekki Conservation Centre, or immerse themselves in the local culture at the Nike Art Gallery and Makoko Floating School. Lagos also boasts beautiful beaches, such as Tarkwa Bay and Elegushi Beach, where visitors can relax and soak up the sun.

Popular Sights in Lagos

Things to do during your Lagos vacation

Discover the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria, with its mix of cultural heritage, bustling markets, stunning beaches, and lively nightlife. Dive into the local history, indulge in delicious cuisine, and explore the diverse range of activities this city has to offer!

  • Lekki Conservation Centre: Explore the beautiful nature reserve, walk on the canopy walkway, and spot various wildlife species.
  • National Museum: Learn about Nigerian history and culture through a diverse collection of artifacts and artworks.
  • Nike Art Gallery: Admire a vast collection of traditional and contemporary Nigerian art.
  • Tarkwa Bay Beach: Relax on the sandy shores, swim in crystal-clear waters, and enjoy water sports activities.
  • The New Afrika Shrine: Experience the vibrant Afrobeat music scene and enjoy live performances in a lively atmosphere.
  • Lagos Island: Explore the historical heart of Lagos, stroll through colonial-era buildings, and visit local markets.
  • Lagos Jazz Series: Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of jazz music at this annual music festival.
  • Lagos Carnival: Join the colorful and energetic street parade during the annual Lagos Carnival.
  • Lufasi Nature Park: Discover a serene sanctuary with lush vegetation, wildlife, and a bird-viewing tower.
  • Omu Resort: Enjoy thrilling activities such as zip-lining, go-karting, and water park adventures.
  • African Artists' Foundation: Visit a contemporary art space showcasing the work of talented African artists.

Why you should visit Lagos


Lagos, Nigeria has a few attractions to offer, but it has some significant drawbacks that affect its overall desirability.


Lagos, Nigeria has a high crime rate and is known for its safety concerns. Travelers should exercise caution and be aware of their surroundings.


Lagos, Nigeria has a rich cultural heritage and diverse population, resulting in a range of culinary experiences and cultural offerings.


Lagos, Nigeria has a vibrant nightlife scene with a variety of clubs, bars, and entertainment options.


While Lagos, Nigeria does offer some adventure activities, such as water sports and city exploration, it may not be the top choice for adrenaline seekers.


Lagos, Nigeria is not known as a relaxing destination due to its bustling streets, overcrowding, and lack of serene natural spaces.

Best time to visit Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria offers warm temperatures and great cultural experiences throughout the year. However, to avoid heavy rainfall and enjoy outdoor activities, the best time to visit is from December to March.

Great weather but crowded
24°C - 32°C
Festive season with pleasant weather
24°C - 32°C
Mild temperatures and cultural festivals
25°C - 32°C
Warm temperatures but occasional rainfall
24°C - 32°C
Warmer temperatures and occasional rain
24°C - 32°C
Hot temperatures and increased rainfall
24°C - 31°C
Highest rainfall but fewer tourists
23°C - 28°C
Continued rainfall with lower prices
23°C - 28°C
Decreased rainfall and pleasant temperatures
24°C - 31°C
Dry season begins with comfortable weather
24°C - 32°C
Clear skies and pleasant temperatures
25°C - 32°C
Warm and dry weather for outdoor activities
24°C - 32°C

A guide To your first day of Lagos vacation


  • Start your day with a visit to the expansive Nike Art Gallery, where you can admire a vibrant collection of Nigerian artworks.
  • Take a stroll through the Lekki Conservation Centre and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while spotting various wildlife species.


  • Savor the authentic flavors of Nigerian cuisine at Terra Kulture, a cultural center that offers a restaurant serving delicious traditional dishes.
  • Explore the bustling markets of Balogun and Oshodi to experience the vibrant atmosphere of Lagos and find unique souvenirs.


  • Indulge in a sunset boat cruise along the Lagos Lagoon, enjoying picturesque views of the city skyline.
  • Visit the iconic African Shrine for a night of live Afrobeat music and energetic performances.


  • Dine at Sky Restaurant and Lounge for a romantic rooftop experience with panoramic views of Lagos at night.
  • Explore the vibrant nightlife scene at popular clubs like Quilox or The Shrine, where you can dance to the rhythm of Afrobeat music.

How to get to Lagos

By Plane

Murtala Muhammed International Airport (LOS) in Lagos is the primary airport with excellent global connections. It offers frequent international flights and is conveniently located just 30 minutes away from the city center. Travelers can easily reach their desired destinations from this major hub.

By other means

Lagos has a well-established public transport system with reliable train and bus services. The Lagos Railway provides convenient connections to nearby cities and regions, while the Lagos Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system offers efficient transportation within the city. Travelers can explore Lagos with ease using these affordable and convenient options.

Tips for Booking Your Trip

Planning a trip can get tricky, right? Don't worry, we've got some solid advice to make your life easier. Here's how you can find flights and accommodations without a hitch.

Flights: How to Score the Best Deal

First things first, check out Google Flights. Their price calendar and nearby airport options are really useful. Found a good deal? Great, but hang on a sec—make sure you compare it with prices on Kayak, Skyscanner, Momondo, and Kiwi. A little research can go a long way.

Accommodation: Find Your Ideal Spot

For places to stay, start by scanning and Airbnb to get an idea of what's out there. Then, level up your search by looking at Hostelworld and Agoda. Oh, and a quick tip: the hotel's own website might have some special offers, so give that a look too.

Ready to make some moves? The links you need are right below. Happy booking!



Best for travelers who are ...

Lagos is ideal for travelers seeking a vibrant city experience with a blend of culture, art, and history. It appeals to both solo travelers and those looking for a destination with a vibrant nightlife and delicious food.

How long to stay in Lagos?

To fully experience the essence and diversity of Lagos, we recommend staying for at least 4-7 days. This will allow you to explore the city's various attractions, soak in its rich culture and history, and enjoy some leisure time on the beautiful beaches.