Explore, Create, Plan your travel Bucketlist with TripTLDR

What Makes TripTLDR Special?

Think of tripTLDR.com as your personal, well-traveled friend who's always in the know about where to go, what to see, and the hidden gems that shouldn't be overlooked. At the heart of it, we simplify your travel planning process by giving you a concise and clear summary - akin to the 'too long, didn't read' version of a destination. With tripTLDR, you get more than a rundown of the top tourist sites. We help you understand the essence of a place, highlighting the distinctive atmosphere, culture, and personality without overwhelming you with too much information.

But here's the best part - with tripTLDR, creating your own personalized bucket list is a breeze. Consider it your visual "someday I will" collection. Stumbled upon a fascinating spot in our summaries? A single click and it's added to your list. Gradually, one click at a time, you're mapping out your future adventures. This list is yours to revisit, refine, and expand anytime you want because it's your journey, after all. tripTLDR.com, is here to assist you in keeping the dream of exploring the world alive, one destination at a time.

How TripTLDR Came to Be

At some point, I found myself, and perhaps you can relate, swamped with an overwhelming number of travel blogs, vlogs, and guidebooks. It seemed like my travel aspirations were becoming just a blip in this information overload. The simple joy of discovering new places was starting to feel like a challenge. I knew there had to be a way to simplify this process and recapture the thrill of exploration.

So, I decided to create tripTLDR, a web tool where all your travel dreams find a home. To embrace the joy of travel together, one enchanting story at a time.